Activ8 - How it works      

The set-up takes less than 2 minutes – 8 cones, Pupils QR codes at the ready, a pen and stopwatch (and the pupils of course) are all that’s needed! 

The aim is for each pupil to walk, run or jog as far as possible in the allocated time around the circuit as shown (not to scale) below. 

For example, 8 laps per day on the 200m circuit or 16 laps per day on the 100m circuit would equate to 1600m or 1 mile.    

When the daily session has been completed, the number of laps can then be uploaded onto the online portal on a daily or weekly basis. Once the data has been quickly and easily uploaded, at the click of a button the online portal will automatically update the mileage to show the class/school’s progress through the virtual walks/challenges. This can be shown in a big ‘reveal’ by the class or headteacher. 


The walks and challenges  

Each school and class can choose from a selection of walks/challenges which takes them to different places around the UK and the world. This includes virtual visits to famous landmarks, crossing countries or going from pole to pole, discovering new sights and gathering fun facts and information along the way.  

Each route can be aligned with the schools’ curriculum and can be used with lesson planning, homework or class projects. Each walk/challenge is virtual and accessed through the online portal.  

Each route will have ‘checkpoints’ that will pop up when a milestone is reached, ie. halfway through/a point of interest or when a certain mileage has been achieved. Once a walk/challenge is completed, the class/school can then choose another one.  

The online portal calculates each child individual progress as well. Parents can simply and securely log in to the portal to view their child(s) progress at any time. It will display daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and previous years data.  

Last but by no means least, the actual pupils who are taking part are also rewarded. When they reach certain mileage milestones, their achievement will be displayed when the teacher updates the portal, downloadable certificates can then be printed by the teacher and/or parents and given to the pupils. Each child can also keep their progress updated with an in-class/school wall sticker chart.