The children taking part in the Activ8 programme at Swaffham Prior Primary School were lucky enough to have local MP Lucy Fraser visit them. Lucy came along to see how the programme works and to speak to some of the children about how Activ8 for Schools works, how its benefited the children and what they most enjoy about taking part. 

The children had various feedback but all agreed that the programme was great fun and also educational and couldn't wait to complete the laps and get them loaded onto the online portal. The children also liked how simple Activ8 for Schools was to do and that they could go at their own pace. Many of the children also described how they feel fitter and more motivated to stay healthy and active. 

Paul Jones from Activ8 for Schools added;

It was great for the children to explain and show Lucy Fraser how much they enjoy the Activ8 programme. I'm most pleased with how much the children really focused in on the health benefits the programme provides, they were able to really provide specifics about how the programme has helped them feel healthier, fitter and more alert. They also listed and understood the long term benefits that continuing to take part in the Activ8 for Schools can provide.