Childhood obesity remains one of the biggest health challenges this country faces.

Data from the National Child Measurement Programme for 2017/18 shows that the prevalence of obesity in Reception year (aged 4-5 years) has remained similar to that seen in 2016/17 with a prevalence of 9.5%. In Year 6 the prevalence has increased since 2016/17 to 20.1% from 20.0%. These figures mean that, as in previous years, the prevalence of obesity more than doubles from Reception to Year 6.  

Short snippet from the governments report on childhood obesity Jan 2019. The full report can be found here: https://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-committees/Health/Correspondence/2017-19/Childhood-obesity-Government-Response-to-eighth-report-17-19.pdf

Obesity has to be addressed in primary schools. Upon leaving primary school 1 in 5 children are classed as obese. Not only does primary schooling provide the foundations for children's education but it clearly is a crucial time for children health as they move into teenage years and adulthood. 

Shocking reading and estimates aren't looking any better. ??