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  • Activ8 is a health and wellbeing programme designed specifically to get children active and to fulfil the governments outlines for every child to be active for 30 minutes extra in school per day.
  • Severe obesity among 10 and 11-year olds has reached a record high.

    Latest figures show one in 25 pupils this age are now in the highest category for weight. Health campaigners described the figures as "shocking" but "not surprising" and called for Government plans to tackle childhood obesity to be swiftly implemented.
  • The set up takes less than 2 minutes – 8 cones, jelly wristband and a pen and paper.

    The aim is for each child to walk, run or jog as far as they can in the allocated time. 8 /16 laps per day = 1600m or 1 mile.

    The online portal allows the teacher/children to quickly and easily upload the daily/weekly laps into a virtual walk that the class/school are completing
  • Each school/class can choose from a selection of walks which takes them to different places around the UK and the world - this includes walks to famous landmarks, crossing countries or going from pole to pole on epic adventures.

    Each walk can be aligned with the school’s curriculum and could be used within lesson planning/homework or class projects. Each walk is virtual all accessed through the online portal.
  • Evidence shows that exercise can improve a child's ability to focus and studies suggest that physical exercise yields short and long-term benefits on achievement in the classroom.

    (Ardoy et al 2014) - 67 children were assigned to receive 4 sessions per week of high intensity Physical Education. After 4 months, these children performed better than other children on tests of cognitive ability and earned higher grades at school.
  • Exercise is a vital component of any child's development—laying the foundations for a healthy life, exercise increases strength in muscles and bones as well as strengthening the heart and lungs.

    It has mental benefits as well; ADHD - When researchers tested the effects of short-term exercise on children diagnosed with ADHD, they found that aerobic activity gave these children a special boost, altering their brain activity in ways that might enhance self-discipline (Pontifex et al 2013).

    One randomised, controlled study of overweight children found that 40 minutes a day of aerobic exercise improved executive function, that aspect of intelligence that helps us pay attention, plan, and resist distractions (Davis et al 2007).
  • Fundraising - why not use Activ8 to raise money for the schools or its chosen charity? Keeping fit, raising money safely and getting the whole school and local community involved in an active and rewarding event.

    Healthy schools’ week - The walks, combined with education, nutrition and learning how being active are important as this will constitute towards an energetic and healthy schools’ week.