Activ8 is a health and wellbeing programme designed specifically to get children active and to fulfil the governments outlines for every child to be active for 30 minutes extra in school per day.
Every child, regardless of their fitness and disability level, can access and take part in the Activ8 Programme. It has been designed to allow children to take part at their own pace by walking, jogging or running. The Activ8 Programme allows children to set their own targets and gives them access to see on how far they have walked, jogged or ran at anytime
The long-term aim is to train and educate the teachers and staff allowing them to take over the role of supervising the Activ8 Programme and for the Playmakers and young leaders to take an active role in this to. However, one of our Activ8ers will take care of the set-up of the Activ8 Programme over 4/8 sessions to allowing all pupils and teachers and staff to learn how quick and easy it is to continue running the programme. 

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious global public health challenges of the 21st century, affecting every country in the world.

Activ8 for Schools is at the forefront of tackling this growing issue.

Activ8 - what is it?

Activ8 is a health and well being programme specifically designed to help every school child regardless of ability/disabilty be more active, as well as fulfilling part of the Governments’ plan for combating childhood obesity.

Why exercise for 30 min?

As well as the health benefits, evidence suggests that exercise can bring short and long-term benefits to achievement in the classroom as well as long term positive effects on behaviour and mental well being.

How does it work?

The Activ8 program is quick and easy to set up and the aim is for pupils to walk, run or jog as possible in the allocated time around the circuit.

Once the data has been quickly and easily uploaded, at the click of a button the online portal will automatically update the mileage to show the class/school’s progress though the virtual walks/challenges.

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